Can Two Bearded Dragons Be Kept Together?

If you’re making plans to check out reptile stores to find a bearded dragon, you want to know as much as possible before bringing it home. One of the most important factors to consider is whether you should get a second companion for your new pet. Below, we'll discuss the behaviors of bearded dragons, as well as why you should or shouldn't add a second beardie to the original enclosure.

The Personality of the Bearded Dragon

It is helpful to know more about the personality of the bearded dragon, or beardie, as they are often called. This creature is diurnal, which means it sleeps at night and is active during daytime hours, just like the human owner. Beardies are generally very docile and laid-back. They are quiet and prefer to be left alone, but males are generally more outgoing than females.

Even though the bearded dragon may appear to be easy-going, it will fight for food and space when there's another beardie. Babies that are raised together will become competitive, with the weaker ones losing out to the stronger ones. Once they reach full maturity, the dragons will start fighting with each other.

Reasons to Keep Bearded Dragons Separate

When two bearded dragons are kept together in the same tank, they can injure each other. They may damage the eyes and legs, which may not recover. These creatures can suddenly get mad at each other even if they were living well together before. They can nip at the tail, toes, or other parts that won’t grow back.

Dragons don’t need companions like a lot of animals. This is one reason they make such a good pet. You only need to buy one beardie and all the resources for him or her instead of spending enough money to have everything needed for two.

Situations with Multiple Bearded Dragons

If you decide to mate two bearded dragons and have babies, you’ll need to separate the little ones early. Expect to rehome or separate the babies within two to four weeks of birth.

Bearded dragons require a large space; their tanks and enclosures can be up to 75 gallons. If you have an extra-large tank and put a divider between the two, it still wouldn’t be a good idea to keep two pets close to each other. Just the sight of another beardie will cause the other one stress.

The least aggressive situation is with two female bearded dragons. They can still fight each other for dominance and may not like having a roommate, but they will be slightly less aggressive. If you are determined to try to put two beardies together, make sure they are about the same size and age.

Pairing male and female dragons can only be done during mating time. Otherwise, the male will be aggressive against the female and take more of the food. He can cause her stress by harassing her.

Online Reptile Stores to Find Your Bearded Dragon

If you’re ready to become the proud owner of a beardie, contact one of our reptile guides at Spectrum Chameleon. We will be happy to help you choose the right pet and learn everything you need to make a happy home for your bearded dragon.