About Us

About Us


From a young age, our founder was exposed to caring for plants and animals while around his grandfather: who was always bringing new ones home to nurture. Through this relationship, he gained love and respect for all life, and that compassion has followed him throughout his.

And so Spectrum Chameleon Company was hatched in 2020 as a way for him to bring hopeful owners and reptiles together online.

It’s quickly become the most convenient place to search for a low-maintenance friend to keep you company at home. Our kooky reptiles work well even with restrictive apartments or in-office and work-from-home lifestyles.

See how you can help one of our little guys grow big and strong. If you need any help—just connect with our reptile guys or guides!

Meet The Breeders


To breed ball pythons, bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas, leopard geckos, and other non-venomous reptiles for sale in the U.S. reptile market, with a concentration on California.


To positively impact our reptiles, our community, and our team through safe and sustainable business practices.


Spectrum Chameleon Company intends to be the premiere chameleon and reptilebreeder in the state of California. Specializing in personalized care for each animal,we plan to revolutionize the way reptiles are kept.

Values / Company Culture