How Long Does it Take for a Bearded Dragons to Get Used to Their Owner?

Bearded dragons are great pets that can grow compassionate with time. If you’ve just bought a beardie, don't expect instant bonding. If you're looking for a bearded dragon for sale, you can talk to the store employees about their temperament. 

As the new owner, it'll take time before the bearded dragon trusts you. Some people can bond faster because they spend more time tending to the reptile. Others may need several months. How long does it take for a beardie to get used to its owner?

It depends on how much time you spend with the bearded dragon and what you do during those interactions. You should learn how to handle and pet the beardie. Providing it with treats and sensing when it prefers to be left alone is beneficial.

Can a Beardie Get Used to the Owner?

Bearded dragons naturally live in solace and are more comfortable on their own.

Even when the beardie is excited, they don't show emotions like dogs, cats, and other furry animals. Our bearded dragons don't mind being petted. You can pick it up or give it a little rub on the underbelly. Beardies can lounge comfortably on your lap or walk up your arm. Adult dragons are generally more comfortable than younger beardies, but you must be patient.

Many new owner reports suggest it takes up to three or four months for the bearded dragon to get comfortable. With time, the beardie will trust you and look forward to your petting. They can go for several days or even weeks alone. We recommend paying close attention every day. The more you hold, pet and cuddle it, the faster they'll get used to your attention. Learn to hold and pet the dragon correctly to avoid being perceived as a threat.

How to Get a Bearded Dragon to Like You

You can fast-track your relationship with your bearded dragon using various techniques. Start by spending more time socializing with the dragon. Whenever you have spare time, interact with the beardie. You can reward it for socializing and showing interest. Use the dragon's favorite treat for the reward. Feeding is a proven way to increase trust and make a beardie comfortable. 

Our dragons are already used to being fed and petted. Don’t let everyone feed your beardie unless you’re not around. Practice feeding the reptile and try giving it treats from your hand. You should bathe your dragon by soaking it in lukewarm water. Regular bathing and handling can help your dragon be more comfortable around you. Here are some tips for handling the dragon:

•    Clean your hands with antibacterial soap and water before and after handling the dragon.

•    Never lift the dragon with its tail. Slide your finger under it and support all its legs on your palm.

•    Support adult dragons using both hands because they are longer. Remember to protect the tail.

•    Pet the dragon gently once it appears comfortable. You can let it move around your body.

•    If the dragon shows signs of anxiety, fear, or aggression, let it be. You should only pet the dragon when it appears calm.

•    Never squeeze the dragon too tightly or make sudden movements. Be gentle and watchful. 

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