How Much Humidity Do Bearded Dragons Need?

Domestic bearded dragons live in an enclosed terrarium designed to mimic the natural conditions of their native habitats. Temperature and humidity are the important factors to regulate to keep your beardie comfortable and healthy. If you're looking for a bearded dragon for sale and you want to create the perfect terrarium, Spectrum Chameleon is here to help. Here's how to create a comfortable environment for your reptile: 

Ideal Humidity for Native Beardies

Bearded dragons are native to the rocky and semi-desert regions of Australia. The best terrariums realistically emulate the humidity levels of their natural habitats. Bearded dragons can live in varying humidity levels from 20-40%, but the ideal range is 35-40%. Keeping the humidity levels higher than 40% can leave your beardie vulnerable to respiratory infections and subsequent ailments. Even though the infections may go away, they can shorten your pet's lifespan.

Maintaining Ideal Humidity Levels

Closely monitoring the terrarium is the best way to maintain ideal humidity levels. The percentage should never fall below 20% or soar beyond 40%. One way to maintain the required humidity level is through a hygrometer. Modern hygrometers can measure water vapor in the soil, air, and enclosed reptile terrariums. 

The instruments measure relative humidity (RH), the amount of water vapor relative to the maximum temperature. You’ll encounter two main categories of hygrometers: psychrometer and mechanical hygrometer. Monitoring hygrometer readings will help you determine whether to increase or lower humidity levels.

How to Lower Humidity Levels in the Tank

If the humidity is higher than 40%, according to the hygrometer readings, you need to lower the levels to protect your beardie. You can reduce humidity by increasing ventilation and stopping misting until the levels are back to normal. You can also consider using a dehumidifier.

If you have the water bowl close to the heat source, move it away. You can also consider replacing it with a smaller bowl that has less surface area. Other ways to lower humidity include switching to a different substrate that doesn’t retain moisture. 

How to Raise Humidity Levels in the Tank

If the humidity levels drop below 30%, you should raise them back to ideal levels by reversing the methods used to lower humidity. Use a water bowl with a larger surface area or move it closer to the heat source to trigger evaporation. It would also help if you also misted more frequently.

Other ways to increase humidity in a beardie's tank include switching the substrate to one that retains more moisture. You can also add plants to the terrarium. Most plants naturally release moisture and can be moved from one area of the tank to another.

Bearded Dragon for Sale

Finding a bearded dragon for sale shouldn’t be a problem, but caring for it requires dedication and special attention. Maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels will keep your beardie healthy and comfortable within its surroundings. At Spectrum Chameleon, we have healthy beardies ready to enjoy living in your terrarium. We also offer various accessories, lights, and food; you'll have access to everything you need to make the perfect place for your new beardie.