Is It Safe To Purchase a Lizard Online?

Are you looking to buy a lizard online? Spectrum Chameleon is here to help. We are a reputable choice for anyone looking to buy from reptile stores with healthy lizards, chameleons, geckos, and bearded dragons. 

Before you buy a lizard online, you should understand a few things. Buying a lizard comes with the responsibility of providing the ideal terrarium (habitat), a balanced diet, and proper care. Here's what to consider:

Research Your Species

Lizards and reptiles have varying behavior, characteristics, and requirements. Learning about the species you're about to buy will help you provide the best care.

You can quickly determine if the lizard is healthy. We recommend going through our educational guides to learn more about your favorite pet, including the ideal environment and care. Other things to research include nutrition requirements, lifespan, petting, and general behavior. 

Choose Reputable Reptile Stores

Buying lizards online can be safe and convenient, but you need a trustworthy source that can help you find a healthy lizard. You should research the source carefully to make sure they’re running a legitimate business with genuine compassion for the lizards. At Spectrum Chameleon, we’re dedicated to raising healthy and happy animals. Our team comprises compassionate people who know what it takes to care for a reptile.

We offer guides and accessories.

Inspect the Reptile

Lizards are generally active, alert, and aware, so you should never accept any reptile that appears lethargic. Check whether the animal is underweight or overweight. At Spectrum Chameleon, we will provide the medical history, eating habits, age, veterinary history, and any other information you need. Here are other aspects to examine when you receive your pet:

•    Eyes/Eyelids: They shouldn’t look swollen, cloudy, or hazy.

•    Skin: Look for cuts, sores, scrapes, irritations, tumors, and external parasites.

•    Breathing: Lizards can breathe through their mouth when basking. Labored breathing may suggest a respiratory problem.

•    Movement: The lizard should move freely and climb twigs without shaking or falling.

•    Nostril: Look out for mucus or discharge that may indicate a health problem.

•    Tongue: Healthy lizards love to flick their tongue, which is a good sign.

•    Tail: Lizards store fat in their tail, so it should look fat and healthy. A thin tail may signify trouble.

Review the Shipping and Refund Policy

You will need to make sure your reptile is shipped in a safe condition. Poor transportation could cause the animal to arrive deceased. At some reptile stores, you can get a replacement or a full refund if the pet dies. You should review the refund policy and guarantees before ordering your reptile and follow all instructions for requesting a refund. Make sure you are home when your lizard arrives so you can start caring for it immediately.

Your Trusted Reptile Shop

At Spectrum Chameleon, we work with dedicated breeders to provide healthy lizards and reptiles you can keep in any space. We strive to be among the best online reptile stores and offer low-maintenance lizards. Our reptiles can live in offices and restrictive apartments and grow into big, strong, healthy pets. We have equipment and accessories.