# Tips to Keep Your Chameleon Calm While Traveling

Are you looking for a chameleon for sale online or planning a trip to the vet with your pet? You may be worried about keeping it calm and comfortable on your trip. Caring for chameleons is easy. At Spectrum Chameleon, we are here to help. Here are a few tips to help keep your chameleon calm and comfortable during your trip: 

Choose a Box With Solid Sides

Boxes are the best places to place your chameleon pet while traveling. Choose a box made of opaque material with adequate airflow. Cartons or cardboard boxes are the ideal options.

Choose a cardboard container that has solid sides and is not air-tight. It should be small and secure with good ventilation. The box should be kept fairly dark to provide your chameleon with a safe environment.

Place a Perch on the Right Side of the Box

You can run a natural branch through the box or create small holes at the sides of the box to create a stable perch for your chameleon. If you opt for the holes, make sure they are a few inches above the box's floor to make it easier for the chameleon to perch.

You can cushion the box floor to provide your pet friend with more comfort. Use a small towel or cloth to cushion and keep the box warm.

Give Your Chameleon Time to Settle

Place it inside the box and wait for 30 minutes. This will give them enough time to adjust to the environment or fall asleep. Continue parking other things while you give it time to settle before proceeding with your journey.

Carry the box carefully into the vehicle after it has fallen asleep. Keep the box in a comfortable seat, away from noise and other disturbances. Make sure the temperature in the car is not too hot to harm your chameleon.

Carry Some Chameleon Food

You don't have to worry about feeding your chameleon friend on a short trip because it might take most of the time to sleep. Carry crickets, mealworms, and fresh vegetables in a small container if you are going on a long trip.

Research if you can find a place to buy chameleon food on your journey. Some states don't allow ownership of chameleons, so you will need to confirm any pet restrictions in those areas.

Temporary Destination Cage

Avoid leaving your chameleon friend in the car when you arrive at your destination. Transfer it to a temporary cage and place it by the window to allow enough light for the reptile. Place some food and water in the cage.

Make sure you place something small and comfortable to perch. The cage should be light and easy to carry to allow you and your pet friend a comfortable time.

Wait for 30 Minutes Before Transferring it to the box.

Wait for the chameleon to fall asleep before transferring it back to the box. 30 minutes should be enough time to fall asleep on its perch. Carefully transfer it back to the box and proceed with your journey back home. The chameleon may not notice you transferred it to a new cage or the journey back to its original cage.

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