What Size Enclosure Should a Bearded Dragon Have?

If you're planning on bringing a new pet home from Spectrum Chameleon, you must have supplies to meet your new pet's needs. Bearded dragons make great pets for new and experienced reptile owners. To help your bearded dragon thrive, you'll need the right size reptile enclosure. There are different sizes of reptile enclosures, and the size you need will depend on the size and age of your bearded dragon.

Best Enclosure Size for My Bearded Dragon

The amount of space your bearded dragon needs depends on a few factors, like age, size, and whether or not they'll share their enclosure with other bearded dragons. The right-size reptile enclosure gives your bearded dragon the space to move around and exercise.

Best Enclosure Size for a Hatchling

A bearded dragon is in the hatchling phase of its lifecycle from the time it hatches from its egg until it reaches eight inches in length. Bearded dragons are only in the hatchling stage for about two months.

During the hatchling phase, you can house your bearded dragon in a 20-gallon tank.  Anything smaller than a 20-gallon tank is too small and could hinder the growth of your new pet. Most bearded dragon owners do not start with a 20-gallon tank because they know they will have to move their pet to a new enclosure soon. 

Best Enclosure Size for a Juvenile

The next phase of a bearded dragon's lifecycle is the juvenile phase. A juvenile bearded dragon is as young as three months and as old as eleven months. At the beginning of this phase, they will measure eight to 11 inches in length. By the end of the juvenile phase, they will measure 16 to 20 inches. 

During the juvenile phase, you can house your bearded dragon in a tank as small as a 40-gallon tank, but a bigger tank would be better. We only suggest choosing a tank on the smaller end if you're up for the challenge of changing tanks throughout your bearded dragon's life. 

Best Enclosure Size for an Adult

Bearded dragons have a sub-adult phase between the juvenile and adult phases of their lifecycle. During this phase, they will be 12 to 18 months old and measure 16 to 24 inches long. An adult bearded dragon will measure 16 to 24 inches long. Your beardie will reach adulthood at 18 months when it stops growing. 

Bearded dragons in the sub-adult or adult phases should be kept in an enclosure at least the size of a 75-gallon tank. It's possible to house your adult bearded dragon in an even larger tank.

Enclosures for Multiple Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons don't often live together, but it's possible under the right conditions. Here are five tips to use if you are trying to house bearded dragons together:

  1. Bearded dragons housing together must be in a large enough enclosure so they don't feel threatened by each other.
  2. Only one male should be in an enclosure at a time.
  3. Both bearded dragons should be adults.
  4. Both bearded dragons must be healthy.
  5. The bearded dragons should be roughly the same size.

For reptile enclosures housing multiple bearded dragons, it's suggested to have an enclosure that is at least the size of a 125-gallon tank. The bigger the tank, the better your chances of co-habitation are. 

Types of Reptile Enclosures for Bearded Dragons

The most common enclosure for a bearded dragon is a terrarium or fish tank. These enclosures have four walls and a solid bottom made from glass or plastic. Most enclosures also come with a lid. Standard terrariums do not come with everything your bearded dragon will need to thrive. 

Shop at Spectrum Chameleon to find enclosure decor, food, lights, and other add-ons to make your bearded dragon feel at home. Here are some of the best accessories you can buy for your bearded dragon:


We recommend placing sand at the bottom of your bearded dragon's enclosure. Vita-Sand comes in many sizes, but you can start with a 10-lb. bag. It's available in our shop in various colors like white, slate, and gold. 

Water Dish

Your bearded dragon will need a water dish in its enclosure. We have water dishes in various sizes and colors. You can choose a dish that looks like rocks, has a ramp, or is divided into sections so you have a place for your bearded dragon's food.

Basking Light

Bearded dragons love to bask in the warm sun. To create a warm, sunny environment in your reptile enclosure, we suggest installing a basking light. We have bulbs in varying wattages to provide your bearded dragon with the UVA and UVB rays it needs to thrive.

Where to Buy Bearded Dragons

At Spectrum Chameleon, we believe in the importance of responsible breeding and personalized caretaking of all reptiles. If you're looking for a bearded dragon, chameleon, leopard gecko, or another fascinating pet, check out our available reptiles today! With your help, we can revolutionize the way people care for reptiles.